Load OUT! 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015
11 – 3PM

FABnyc is hosting Load OUT!, a creative recycling and repurposing riot during which we bring together gently used materials from arts organizations throughout the East Village and LES. Take home costumes, props, and furniture for your next artistic endeavor!In 2010, we noticed that local theaters were “loading out” sets and materials directly into dumpsters after productions ended their runs. Not only were the materials being disposed of inefficiently and unsustainably, but were often of great value to other artists. As a creative response, FABnyc initiated “Load OUT!” inviting neighborhood arts and cultural groups, non-profits, and community members to donate sets, costumes, props and office equipment they no longer needed, to be made available to other artists. Admission to the swap event is 5 dollars for the general public and free for artists and art students.Special thanks to DMAC-Duo Multicultural Arts Center and Rod Rodgers Dance Company for their in-kind donation of space.

Organized by

Fourth Arts Block