January 13 – January 19, 2020
7:30 – 11:30PM

Theater for the New City - 155 First Ave, NY 10003 (bt 9th and 10th St.).
JANUARY 13 through JANUARY 19: Mon - Fri @ 7:30PM, Sat @ 8PM, Sat & Sun @ 3PM
ICEBERG · EXPLORATION is appropriate for all ages.

Tickets -
$18 - General Admission
Phone: (212) 254-1109

An Nuo, Chinese choreographer and Artistic Director of AN NUO SPIRITUAL DANCE & ART, will return to New York City with ICEBERG · EXPLORATION, a full-evening dramatic dance musical exploring the Arctic and ice as a powerful force of nature.

Written by An Nuo & Linda Burson and directed by An Nuo, performances will take place JANUARY 13 through JANUARY 19: Mon - Fri @ 7:30PM, Sat @ 8PM, Sat & Sun @ 3PM at Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave, NY 10003 (bt 9th and 10th St.).

“ICEBERG · EXPLORATION is a dramatic dance musical which narrates internal exploration and growth through an adventure story,” said Ms. Nuo. “It raises awareness of protecting our planet by presenting the magnificent power and beauty of natural landscapes. The production provides an interactive learning experience for adults and children alike.”

Using multisensory movement to reflect on the global warming crisis, the production also hopes to serve as a wakeup call to human-induced climate change. If emissions continue at their current rate, scientists anticipate widespread coastal land loss, agricultural and economic collapse, food and water shortages, frequent and severe natural disasters and an unparalleled refugee crisis.

Performed by a diverse cast of 10 dancers, ICEBERG · EXPLORATION will create an immersive, shared audience experience using dialogue, dance and original music with multimedia set design and projection. The production will offer an understanding of the power of the polar ice cap, the impact of global warming, and the need to protect Mother Earth and address climate change.

An Nuo is the founder of “Spiritual Dance,” a dance form which integrates the principles of ballet, modern dance, contemporary, folk dance, dance therapy, drama and musical art. Launched in China and incubated in the U.S., Spiritual Dance is dedicated to connecting all life in a pursuit of dialogue between mind and body, creating intensive collaboration among artists, communion between performer and audience, and a fusion of cultural traditions from around the world. Spiritual Dance is imbued with a global perspective.