Get Shamele$s Class: Beyond Budgeting

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

BRUNCH & BUDGET is excited to partner with Refresh Therapy for this first VIRTUAL Get Shameless Class: We are New York City’s most culturally and clinically diverse psychotherapy practice. We provide therapy and coaching to adults age 21+. We guide you to your transformation so that you can not just live but thrive.

All Get Shameless Classes come with a 3-5 page workbook that we will complete together

Money is emotional and having a budget is great, but doesn’t account for the storms that come, our ever changing needs, and our personal values. There’s only one of you, so you shouldn’t be expected to live a spartan lifestyle. Learn how to prove to yourself that WANTS ARE NEEDS TOO and take control of your financial future without ignoring today.

  • Understand your current relationship with money and how to use financial advice to fit with your money personality
  • Calculate your ideal income and learn what steps you can take to reach it
  • Create a spending plan that is based on your individual values, needs, wants, and goals
  • Get strategies to figure out why to save, how much to save, and how to save automatically

Pay-what-you-can starting at $20, suggested $20-50

More about BRUNCH & BUDGET:

BRUNCH & BUDGET is a financial planning practice. It is perfect for people who are afraid to talk about money and want someone to hold their hand while they heal their relationship with money and build wealth in a way that’s aligned with their values.

SEE CHANGE is a financial coaching & advocacy program. It is perfect for creators of color (like artists, creatives, activists, educators) who are looking to heal their relationship with money, navigate a predatory financial system, and build 2nd generation wealth in a way you can be proud of.

POCKETS CHANGE is a hip hop and finance program for youth. Reach out to us if your school or organization is looking for financial education that is engaging, community focused, and helps students understand their relationship with money along with the facts and figures.