Freedom Mentional

May 28 – June 19, 2022
12 – 6PM

Elliot Cowan is an award-winning animator, writer, artist, and educator. He was born in Melbourne, Australia where he attended the Independent College of Art and Design and followed that up with a further post-grad year at the Victorian College of the Arts. His drawings, prints, sculptures, and paintings have been shown in Melbourne, Hobart, Launceston, Los Angeles, Chatanooga, Chicago, and New York.

Crossing freely between fine art, design, and moving image, Elliot creates unique and whimsical characters using various mediums such as cardboard, acrylic, and clay. He makes his characters versatile and alive on different platforms — animation, photograph, print, and sculpture.

In this exhibition ‘Freedom Mentional’, Elliot presents a series of paintings and a new collection of sculptures using polymer and epoxy clay, incorporating animation influences, cowboys, barnyard animals, gods, and goddesses.