妈妈, 爸爸 (For Mum, Dad)

November 18 – November 20, 2021

Performing works by Asian and Asian hyphenate composers and collaborating with a team of immigrant creatives, Eva Ding (flute) and Emma Kato (cello) weave together a story about the journey of one woman’s travels to a foreign land, mirroring the struggles and triumphs of immigrant parents across the globe in an interdisciplinary performance of 妈妈, 爸爸 (For Mum, Dad).

妈妈, 爸爸 is a love letter to Ding’s own Chinese parents, who sacrificed so much – living in separate countries, learning entirely new cultures and languages – so that she could have a richer, more fulfilling life – the kind of life they didn’t get to experience. It is a love letter to all immigrant families who have sacrificed their cultures and dirtied their hands to provide for their children and their future.


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