Exhibition: Nature in Motion — Paintings by Ayako Bando

December 3, 2018 – February 9, 2019
All Day

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) presents “Nature in Motion,” an exhibition of abstract acrylic paintings by Ayako Bando expressing the energy and colors of the four seasons. Although Ms. Bando has had many exhibitions the past dozen years, these older works from 2011–12 have not been shown together until now. The exhibition will open on December 3, 2018 and will remain on view until February 9, 2018.

While most of Ms. Bando’s paintings are abstract, one can feel a strong presence of light energy in many of her works, a feature that became even more central in her newest works recently shown in the solo exhibition “Eternal Light.” But even in the earlier works featured in “Nature in Motion,” areas of white or light color contrast with and reach toward darker areas and suggest the play of sunshine on water or plants or clouds. One might feel the presence of a cosmic energy or intelligence animating and giving life to these abstract structures and patterns, energizing them, setting them in motion, transforming them just as the light reflecting off the pigments reaches out to our eyes and enlivens our own minds and spirits.

Artist Statement

For this series, I’m trying to express the energy the nature’s atmosphere contains. And I always give my work movement. Nature has played a very big part in my desire to paint, the sky, the trees, the earth and elements of this sort. There’s much good energy to absorb into one’s body, delivered by the earth and its natural wonders, such as the play of sunlight, in its powerful gentle sky and the dancing leaves. In my case, very often it is the little things in life that we see everyday but take for granted that trigger my imagination to paint. And I believe that nature is a pure presence. The light lights up the heart and brings purity. The power of nature is endless, and I value its greatness with my body & soul.

About the Artist

Ayako Bando was born in the country town of Tokushima in Japan. She was blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of nature such as mountains, rivers, trees and flowers. After graduating from high school she moved to Osaka to study as a Medical Coding Specialist. She worked at the hospital for four years. During this time her passion was always to paint. After leaving the hospital she studied Art in Osaka, London, Tokyo and New York. She has exhibited in various venues in the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy. In 2017 she was the recipient of the Incentive Award for the Modern Japan Art Society Kantou Art Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Her solo exhibition “Eternal Light” was exhibited at Saint Peter’s Church in NYC in 2018 and 2017.


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