Classical Mutation Art Exhibition

Thursday, December 14, 2023
11 – 6PM

Renowned Japanese fine art goods company and gallery B-OWND (‘beyond’), an art division of Tanseisha, has announced a new free exhibition entitled Classical Mutation set to open in New York City on December 14 at NowHere (40 Wooster Street, First Floor). Running until January 14, 2024 this remarkable show will feature approximately 100 works by two acclaimed experimental Japanese ceramicists, Takahiro Koga and Hiromine Nakamura. To attend the opening reception from 6pm-8pm ET on December 14, RSVP via the link.

Koga and Nakamura have established themselves through their unique combinations of traditional Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship — taking renaissance ideas from the Sengoku and Edo periods of Japan, when samurai were still active roughly 500 years ago — and elevating them into works that harmoniously combine technology and expression, tradition and innovation, and movement and stillness… almost like a mutation. By fusing inspiration from the past and the present both artists’ works emit a striking individuality through a blend of pop culture elements like anime, sports, and fashion with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

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