Chinatown Art Brigade: Degentrification Archives

Friday, February 10, 2023
5 – 7PM

Pace University Art Gallery presents “Degentrification Archives,” an exhibit by the Chinatown Art Brigade (CAB) which uplifts the stories of people most directly impacted by the gentrification of Manhattan’s Chinatown, with the long-term goal of protecting and preserving our neighborhood.

“Degentrification Archives” is a curated collection spanning our seven year history. The exhibition includes archival material, photographs, videos, placekeeping maps, large scale projections, as well as banners, posters and other direct action ephemera. The show also highlights our collaborations with local and national cultural groups, movements, and formations including CAAAV Chinatown Tenants Union, the W.O.W. Project, The Illuminator, Decolonize This Place/MTL+, Grassroots Asians Rising, Asian Americans United, Mi Casa No Es Su Casa (also known as Mi Casa Resiste), CID Coalition, Coast to Coast Chinatowns Against Displacement (C2C) and many others. Additionally, the exhibition highlights the racial justice, housing rights, and community organizing history of CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, CAB’s partner organization. In the dedicated lab space, a timeline highlights CAAAV’s nearly 35-year history along with photographs, videos and related ephemera.