Characters Disappearing Showcase

Saturday, October 15, 2022
6:30 – 8PM

Join us for an online showcase event, presenting this unique, independent narrative film debut from 2022 A4 Van Lier Fellow, Connor Sen Warnick! Connor and his team will be unveiling new stills and footage from a recent test shoot. Meet some members of the cast and crew and go behind the scenes of their research and production process in creating this film, which is set to enter production in mid-November!

A note from the director:

Characters Disappearing is devoted to the multiplicity of identities and experiences that have remained invisible and voiceless for generations throughout the complicated history of Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in New York City. As a Chinese American person born and raised in New York City, I myself have personally experienced direct threats and attacks throughout my life and refuse to sit back and allow violence to surge against AAPI people at the alarming rate that it has during the pandemic. At its core, this is a community-minded endeavor rooted in social justice, grassroots activism, cathartic expression, and reclaiming the forgotten history of underrepresented AAPI collectives in NYC. Our cast and crew encompass a spectrum of talented, emerging, and intergenerational artists of color who are all pooling their time and resources to bring this uncompromising vision of the Asian American experience to life.

Please join us on October 15th to learn more about where we are in our production timeline, and to hear about specific ways that you may be able to support and get involved!