Bungalow Collective

Saturday, December 2, 2023
12 – 5PM

Join Bungalow Collective in celebrating South Asian + diaspora art at their highly anticipated launch event!

Bungalow Collective welcomes anyone interested in appreciating, engaging, and/or purchasing South Asian + diaspora art. They will be highlighting pieces from 75+ artists (2D, 3D, digital art, VR, films, and more), along with 3 up & coming DJs, across 3 floors of open space.

Come experience this exclusive one-day exhibition by engaging with talented artists, connecting with fellow art enthusiasts, and/or vibing solo!

Bring your friends, unwind, and take in the immersive art experience.

First come first serve for a special surprise!

They have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech and discrimination. please contact us (collectivebungalow@gmail.com) to request disability accommodations.

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