"bumalik" by Marie Lloyd Paspe x Almasphere

December 8 – December 9, 2023
8 – 10PM

Welcome to ‘bumalik,’ an iterative performance installation series of bamboo sculpture, dance, and sound.

‘bumalik,’ the Tagalog word for ‘return,’ is an iterative performance installation of dynamic bamboo that centers the profound power of imagined memories as the gateway to returning home.

The work, revolving around the sculpture ‘sirkulo,’ re-imagines the relationship between the brown Asian body and environment as sites of trauma, reorientation, then liberating transmutation.

Their transformation of ‘sirkulo’ explores the disorientation and reorientation of the peripheral Filipina, shaped by geographical migrant stories of mothers and psychological migrations out of and into ourselves.

- Friday, December 8, 2023 @8:00pm
- Saturday, December 9, 2023 @8:00pm

Choreographic Direction: Marie Lloyd Paspe

Installation Direction: Almasphere // Sabrina Herbosa Reyes and Antonio Giovanni Rivera

Composers & Performers: treya lam and Sugar Vendil

Contributing Choreography & Dancers: Ching-I Chang, Paulina Meneses, Marie Lloyd Paspe, and Sabrina Herbosa Reyes

Producer: Maxine Evangelista

This work was created with support from Creatives Rebuild New York, Asian American Arts Alliance Jadin Wong Fellowship, Gallim Moving Artist Residency, and TAKE ROOT at Green Space LIC.