Wednesday, November 15, 2017
6 – 9PM

Bryn Cohn + Artists (BC+A) will take part in TRIBECA ART+CULTURE NIGHT on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 6pm. Admission is FREE.

The company presents a multidisciplinary evening combining three site-specific movement installation, including the first public art preview of A Perfect Union, with visual art on view in the art spaces hosting the performances:

6:30pm – E-Tay Gallery, 39 White Street

7pm – Untitled Space, 45 Lispenard Street

Alexander and Bonin, 47 Walker Street

Tribeca Art+Culture Night is a quarterly local Arts festival that celebrates culture at large in Tribeca. This urban festival embraces the diversity of creative expressions from drawing to design through performance to crafts and much more. It is located in 20+ participating lower Manhattan venues, including indoor and outdoor spaces such as art nonprofits, fine art, design and university galleries as well as parks. The event brings the greater New York City community together around exhibitions, performances, and talks. This festival is curated by Jennifer Famery-Mariani.

Participants have multiple ways to engage

(1) Register for a GUIDED TOUR ($10) with an Art Specialist and/or

(2) Rsvp for EXCLUSIVE EVENTS on the program and/or

(3) Sign up for a TAC NIGHT PASS and hop around the festival solo

RSVP at RSVP is required for ALL options.

The evening will include a preview of a brand new politically - inspired work, A Perfect Union, and one world premiere inspired by multi – media artist Indira Cesarine’s “ONLY YOU.”A Perfect Union addresses the current sociopolitical climate in our world through the lenses of terrorism, activism, hierarchical structures and humanitarian effort. In her first-ever musical composition, Cohn has designed a mash-up score sourced from inaugural and political speeches by Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. “ONLY YOU” is a conceptual narrative portrait series chronicling a woman’s emotions as she traverses a metaphorical landscape of love, loss and betrayal.

A Perfect Union is both a personal response to the effects of political agenda as well as a larger communal commentary on the apocalyptic conditions that plague our country,” said artistic director Bryn Cohn. “Through integration of a text-based score, America takes on a humanized presence within the work with whom the performer maintains a direct and intimate relationship. The score provides a rhythmic platform for movement generation and reinforces the conversational engine that is intrinsic to the thematic objectives. Layering of dialogue serves to reinforce the perpetual bombardment of information and negativity that saturate American existence. Theatrical undercurrents are illuminated through militant and sacrificial imagery in the body as well as symbolic motifs that parallel and counterpoint the spoken word.”

Dancers: Jessica Malat and Mallory Gallarza


Founded in 2011, Bryn Cohn + Artists is a New York-based contemporary dance company comprised of unique collaborative artists from diverse backgrounds. BC + A has been met with critical acclaim amongst artists, press and audiences throughout New York, Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles.



Organized by

Michelle Tabnick Communications