Fair or Festival

5th Biennial Singapore Literature Festival in NYC

October 5 – October 8, 2022

This is the 5th Biennial Singapore Literature Festival in NYC. Organized by Singapore Unbound, a New York City-based literary non-profit, the biennial Singapore Literature Festival brings together authors and audiences for lively readings and conversations about literature and society. This year we’re so happy to partner with the People’s Forum, the Evergreen Review, PN Review, NYU’s Postcolonial, Race and Diaspora Studies Colloquium and Asian/Pacific/American Institute, Singapore’s Ethos Books, and the Asian American Writers’ Workshop to bring you this festival.

The festival theme this year is “Archipelago Dreaming.” As the world becomes ever more interconnected and interdependent, the ideas of the Martinican writer and philosopher Édouard Glissant become even more relevant. Calling for a change in our thinking, Glissant writes, “we need archipelagic thinking, which is one that opens, one that confirms diversity — one that is not made to obtain unity, but rather a new kind of Relation.”

We hope that the 3-day festival coming up will build many new kinds of relation among us and offer us ideas for new relations when we return to our communities and institutions. There are events in the afternoon and the evening of each day of the festival.

All events are free. Please RSVP.

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