Call for Submissions

UnLocal Mural Proposals


45 W. 29th St. Suite 203
New York, NY 10001


Nov 13, 2020


Oct 26, 2020

UnLocal, Inc. is a community-centered non-profit organization that provides direct immigration
legal representation and community education to New York City’s undocumented immigrant
communities. UnLocal recognizes the needs of all immigrants and tailors its programming to
identify specific gaps in services that are not sufficiently provided elsewhere. UnLocal
accomplishes its mission through its two main programs: the Legal Representation Program and
the Community Education Program.

To commemorate the growth of UnLocal over the past decade and to celebrate our new offices
on 29th Street. UnLocal is seeking an artist to design and produce an artwork within our
reception and office space that captures our mission and commitment to our vibrant immigrant

● The artwork will be placed in our reception area and percolate into our open layout
office. It will welcome our clients, visitors, and stand with the work of our education,
outreach and legal teams.
● The artwork must be site-specific, to take advantage of the open office layout, primarily
the 3 walls totaling L26 X H9 feet waiting area.
● Layout and images of the space can be found here:
● The artwork can be created in any medium and does not need to meet any specific size.
The artist must also include a community-wide component that is directly in conversation with
our community. Under COVID restrictions we are looking for creative components and solutions
that foster communication as cultural empowerment. This can range from guided workshops,
teach-ins, printed materials (posters, coloring sheets) instagram takeovers etc.


In regards to content, artists are asked to represent the following principles when submitting
● Respite, mindfulness, and health
● Inclusivity and interconnectedness
● Radical imagining for our futures
● Centering (im)migrant voices, Black, Indigenous, LGBTQI, diasporic, and POC.
Take careful consideration of UnLocal’s values:
● Providing and expanding access to immigration legal representation especially for
undocumented immigrants, that is community-based, trustworthy, collaborative, affirming
and multilingual;
● Developing projects to fill gaps in services that address emerging and changing needs;
● Recognizing the need for holistic advocacy, including referral-based case management
and collaboration with community-based organizations and services, to provide truly
comprehensive legal representation;
● Listening to directly impacted individuals and communities to drive the direction,
dissemination, and priorities for UnLocal’s legal representation and community

Application Instructions

Requirements for a proposal:
Provide ideas for a mural in a short concept statement or sketch
- describing colors and themes under consideration
Provide a short statement on thought-through ideas, workshops or actions for community
Provide three examples of past work similar in scale, thematic, or space (website or image)
Sign up for a site visit (virtual or IRL)
Apply here:
Selection process:
UnLocal staff will review and vote on preliminary selections. The preliminary selections will have
a chance to present on their idea, ask questions, and further contextualize the work directly with
UnLocal staff members. UnLocal staff will vote for a final project.
UnLocal’s cultural liaison, Eva Mayhabal Davis, visual arts curator, arts advocate and educator
will be responsible for the administration, as needed materials, and overall support for the artist,
community engagement and the production.

UnLocal is committed to the safety of all the workers at our offices. We have an accountability
plan that ensures that the cleaning protocols are met. We are able to supply adequate PPE
supplies, including masks and gloves for our staff, visitors and clients.
Artist Fee: $1,500 (50% after accepting the project, 50% after completing)
Community engagement program: $800 (for participants + additional components)
Up to $300 for materials/supplies/travel
A projected timeline for this project should consider the unveiling of the mural in mid-January
For any questions email Eva at

Apply by Friday, November 13 by filling out this form: