The Strange Foundation Election Fusion Grants

The Strange Foundation

West Shokan, NY 12494


Sep 16, 2020


Sep 14, 2020

Offering home-stretch infusions of funds and momentum for groups working on creative, strategic election-focused projects.

The Strange Foundation exists to help build momentum towards a more sustainable, equitable, and imaginative future. This November, it’s imperative that we elect progressive leaders who will fight for change with a similar vision in mind. As an entity, we fulfill our mission by supporting artists and organizers who leverage their creativity to catalyze change, and as we count down to election day, we’re looking to do what we can to support organizers, mutual-aid groups, collectives, and artist-led projects working strategically and creatively to seed meaningful change.

With only weeks to go before the 2020 election, we’re calling on our community for your nominations: Who’s working on creative, strategic election-focused work, and needs an infusion of support?

Using your nominations, we’ll distribute $10,000 between five projects in the form of $2,000 Infusion Grants. We’ll also create a Directory of Initiatives featuring all the election-focused projects nominated by our community, and work with editorial partners to help add pre-election momentum to the work that’s being done.

• $10,000 will be distributed in the form of $2,000 Infusion Grants to five creative & strategic election-focused initiatives, nominated by our community (that’s you!).

• Nominations should be submitted ASAP, with the deadline of 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. Because the election is so soon, we can’t consider late submissions.

• We’ll work with a selection committee comprised of Strange-aligned professionals working in politics to allocate funds.

• Funds will be distributed as soon as possible. These are unrestricted grants to be used however will best support the nominee’s work.

• We will work with editorial partners to highlight select grantees’ work. Emphasis will be placed on how others can get involved and help build momentum pre-election.

• We will also create a Directory of Initiatives so that more people can find and support the initiatives shared by our community. Once the nomination period closes, we will compile the Directory and publish the link here, on this page.