Tessitura Application Support Specialist


520 Eighth Avenue, suite 801
NY 10018


Apr 03, 2020


Mar 12, 2020

Theatre Development Fund, Inc. (“TDF”), a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1967 to promote the performing arts, is a broadly-oriented service and advocacy organization dedicated to bringing the power of the performing arts to everyone. TDF’s activities fall into three areas. TDF expands access, making the performing arts accessible to all by removing cultural, physical and financial barriers. TDF cultivates communities of theatergoers, by engaging, educating and encouraging people to make the performing arts an essential part of their lives. TDF supports theatre makers and sustains creators and advances the industry through convenings, research and the TDF Costume Collection. Through its programs, TDF brings theatre into the lives of over 2,000,000 people per year. TDF’s efforts are primarily focused in New York, but it has also been involved in audience development efforts for the performing arts across the United States and, on a limited basis, internationally.

About the Position
The Tessitura Application Support Specialist reports to the Director of Technology. They work very closely with all departments including the Technology, Finance, Ticketing, Development, and programmatic areas of business. In addition to the Director of Technology, they work closely with the Managing Director to prioritize work and project manage departmental objectives and needs.
The Tessitura Application Support Specialist provides leadership in TDF’s use of the Tessitura CRM platform in all areas of business. They are charged with proactively moving TDF towards the best possible use of the application to meet the mission and vision of the organization, while troubleshooting, assisting and training end users in all areas of business. They are also involved in cross-departmental administrative objectives to establish business practices via the CRM.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Serve as the primary power user of Tessitura for TDF in all departments
• Oversee projects and priorities of Departmental Power Users
• Serve as liaison between the Technology Department, Tessitura Network, and end users
• Train end users in all departments as necessary on areas of application work
• Troubleshoot any errors encountered
• Work with Finance department to ensure accurate reconciliation of Financials and correct errors when required
• Work with the ticketing and accessibility departments in very high volume business to troubleshoot any performance building errors, special requests, and system troubleshooting
• Proactively strategize uses of the CRM to improve data cleanliness, business processes, and requests from stakeholders
• Provide regular reporting as required using a variety of custom reports and Tessitura Analytics
• Oversee implementation of Tessitura Analytics for TDF use, create dashboards and widgets which provide essential information to Executive management and department stakeholders
• Manage Ticket creation and maintenance with Tessitura Support and Tessitura Extended Services
• In collaboration with Tessitura Extended Services, develop custom reporting tools for TDF’s use
• Institute and document auditing procedures for various areas of business including vendor creation, complementary membership management and programmatic initiatives.
• Continually improve documentation of Tessitura procedures
• Hold regular meetings with power users to assess priorities, provide project status updates on work.
• Stay up to date with latest Tessitura features and requirements


• You are passionate about the performing arts.
• You are inspired by the mission of TDF and eager to join others working to achieve it.
• You are highly self-motivated and are driven by a strong work ethic and deep integrity.
• You have the energy to meet challenges with positivity, calm, and a rigorous approach, which endeavors to find the best solution.
In addition, you meet the following requirements:
• At least 2 years of experience using the Tessitura application as a generalist.
• Experience working with many areas of business to achieve common goals.
• Experience in using customizations with Tessitura to meet unique business needs
• Ability to manage a portfolio of projects and manage them from concept to implementation.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively across departments to accomplish strategic initiatives and improve organizational performance.
• Excellent oral and written communications skills.