Audition/Casting Call

Tender Ears / Short Film Family Drama

Incurrent Media LLC

Glen Ridge, NJ 07028




Jan 31, 2021

Logline: A young Chinese American woman’s trip home to visit family exposes her conflicting ideals about race, culture, and family.

Projected to shoot in New Jersey in June of 2021. We are currently in the casting phase and looking to fill two main roles. SAG-AFTRA Project.


LEAD (Female, Asian, 30s): Jen is a subdued yet strong minded character. Patient yet fed up with her family’s pressures and lack of understanding, she clings to her independence only to realize that maybe she needs to embrace her heritage more than she ever expected.

SUPPORT (Male, Asian, Late 60s- Early 70s): Walter is a loving father who suffers from schizophrenia. While he seems to have the least amount of grasp on reality due to his mental disorder, he also appears to be the only one who recognizes their own displacement and yearns of home.