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Mar 03, 2024


Mar 01, 2024

The Save Chinatown Coalition is seeking poems for a new collection, to be published by Moonstone Arts Center in 2024. We are seeking writers of all experience levels to submit poems about or in response to the fight to preserve neighborhoods, preserve culture, and against displacement or gentrification. Writing can be about Chinatown, UC Townhomes, Stadium Stompers, or any other movements in Philadelphia.

At least 50% of the poems in the collection will be from people who live, work, or operate a business in Philadelphia Chinatown.

The Save Chinatown Coalition stronglys encourage submissions from those who identify as Black, Indigenous, person of color and/or LGBTQ+. They also especially encourage work from young people and elders.

The Save Chinatown Coalition includes: Pennsylvania United Chinese Coalition, Philadelphia Chinatown Dragon Boat Team, Asian Americans United, Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School, Chinese Restaurant Association of Greater Philadelphia, Concerned Citizens of Chinatown Association, Philadelphia Suns, and Asian Arts Initiative.


Poets may submit one to three poems for consideration, each no longer than one publication page in length. Please submit a Word document with one poem per page in standard 12 point font. Formatting (including punctuation, italicization, and line spacing) should reflect desired formatting for print.

The final book will be printed in 11 point Garamond font on pages that are 4.5 inches wide.

Poems may be written in English or Chinese. English translations are not required.

Poems not selected for publication may be considered for future projects to support the Save Chinatown Coalition. if we are interested in using your work for a future project, you will be contacted at that time.

Please include a biography no longer than 45 words.

Send any questions to Larry Robin at

Application Instructions

Apply online.

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