Senior Director of People

Barbizon Lighting Company

New York, NY 10036




Jun 02, 2023

The Senior Director of People works closely with the management team and staff on strategy, recruitment, training, and retention grounded in the organization’s employees first philosophy alongside its unwavering dedication to providing its clients with superior personal service.

Responsible for transforming these commitments into a one-Barbizon workplace culture, this role manages all actions relating to every phase of human resources activity including on-boarding and orientation, training, workplace satisfaction, and professional development. The Senior Director of People strives to maintain a productive, diverse, high performing, goal-oriented, and supportive work culture for all employees across all of its regional subsidiaries. While work cycles and systems may vary greatly across the company, on the whole, Barbizon is an extremely creative, exciting, fast-paced and time-sensitive environment.


Company Culture Initiatives
• Collaborates with the CEO and key management to define and articulate company values and behaviors
• Communicates company culture through handbooks, training sessions, and ongoing dialogue
• Ensures HR and management exemplify the desired behaviors and values
• Integrates assessment of alignment with company values into the hiring and recruitment process
• Encourages community-building and team-oriented activities within the company
Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Training, Retention
• Implements steps needed to make Barbizon a first-choice place to work
• Collaborates with the CEO and Management to enhance recruitment initiatives and promote diversity
• Works with the Operations Lead and Regional Managers to ensure all job descriptions and salaries are consistent, equitable, and in-line with strategic goals of the organization
• Collaborates with same to develop recruitment advertisements and outreach strategies in support of the organization’s equal opportunity language and values
• Develops and maintains strategic external partnerships in support of recruitment
• Ensures compliance in all hiring practices
• Oversees hiring paperwork completion and issues letters of agreement
• Conducts regular salary benchmarking, creates salary range models, and guides salary negotiations
• Plans and oversees new employee orientation and onboarding to foster a positive attitude toward the organization’s goals and values
• Builds training and professional development opportunities in tandem with retention strategies
• Develops and implements employee retention programs
• Supports and trains supervisors/managers on review and evaluation processes to ensure effectiveness, compliance, and equity within the organization
• Implements exit interview procedures and employs findings in retention strategy development
• Develops and coordinates management training in leadership and compliance as well as interviewing, hiring, terminations, promotions, and performance review
• Facilitates annual anti-discrimination, harassment, and anti-bias training for all employees
• Creates an “owners’ guide” booklet to promote an employee-owner culture within the company

Employee Relations and Performance Management
• Counsels staff on issues and concerns; mediating and suggesting solutions to employee disputes, taking a proactive approach to understanding employee experiences to mitigate dissatisfaction or conflict in a timely manner
• Works with the leadership team to ensure positive employee relations through a comprehensive strategy and approach to maintaining a healthy workplace culture
• Creates and delivers a uniform, company-wide review process for employee performance documentation
• Develops and rolls-out standardized Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) to address performance issues
• Creates and enforces a fair workplace for all

Policy and Compliance
• Conducts periodic audit of HR compliance matters, formulates and executes plans to update as needed
• Maintains personal policy handbook for the employees in accordance with federal and state laws across Barbizon’s subsidiaries
• Conducts thorough and impartial investigations into reports of harassment, discrimination, misconduct, and other workplace incidents, ensuring adherence to company policies, legal requirements, and best practices
• Conducts periodic reviews of employee evaluation process for organizational consistency, effectiveness, and clarity
• Oversees accurate and complete maintenance of all personnel records according to federal and state guidelines
• Thoroughly understands the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) and is committed to compliance with a wide range of varying state labor laws
• Develops and produces statistical and analytical reports for organizational planning


Required Qualifications
• Minimum of seven years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience
• Experience managing and collaborating with a wide range of people at diverse career stages covering an equally diverse range of positions, skill sets, and workplace environments, including hybrid settings
• Training in and demonstrated experience with developing positive workplace culture, rooted in company values and consistent with DEIA principles and practice
• Familiarity with human resources information systems and job application programs
• Deep knowledge of employment law and regulations
• Minimum 5 years of experience in training, benefits administration, payroll, and career counseling and/or mentorship programs
• Demonstrated leadership accomplishments
• Excellent management, planning, and communication skills
• Demonstrated experience developing HR strategy and policy

Preferred Qualifications
• A passion for supporting and developing a creative workforce
• Knowledge of successful work systems, policies, and practices spanning multiple locations
• Skilled in the design and facilitation of training and professional development programs
• Advanced degree in a related field

Not sure you meet 100% of the qualifications? Research shows that men apply for jobs when they fulfill an average of 60% of the criteria. Yet people who are systematically marginalized tend only to apply if they meet every requirement. If you believe that you could excel in this role, we encourage you to apply.
We are dedicated to considering a broad array of candidates, including those with diverse workplace experiences and backgrounds. So, whether you’re returning to work after a gap in employment, simply looking to transition, or taking the next step in your career path, we will be glad to have you on our radar.

Please use your cover letter to tell us about what you hope to bring to this role.

Salary range is $175,000-225,000.