Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts Residency Program

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Jan 15, 2023


Dec 21, 2022

The Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts is thrilled to announce our Call for Entries for the 2023 Residency season. Residencies will begin June 1 and run through November 6. We welcome submissions from artists and writers living in New York State and Indian Nations therein working in the following disciplines: Poetry Fiction & Creative Nonfiction Photography & Filmmaking Painting | Sculpture | Visual Arts

Accessible to all artists and writers Saltonstall has re-centered our mission to make the residency experience accessible to all artists and writers in New York State. In 2017, we waived application fees to remove an economic bar to access. In 2019, we piloted a one-week residency specifically for artists and writers with at least one dependent child at home. And in 2021, we offered a newly-constructed accessible space, so that all artists and writers in New York State could be part of our residency program

Two additions + one change

This year, to further our goals of making the Saltonstall residencies as accessible as possible, we are happy to announce two additions to our program offerings, and a change to our artists’ stipends. For the first time, we will offer a new one-week juried residency (Monday, October 30 - Monday November 6) open to all artists and writers. Thanks to a grant from the Sustainable Arts Foundation, we are offering an additional one-week residency for artists and writers with at least one dependent child at home. Artists and writers for the parents’ residencies will receive a $500 stipend.

Regarding our other stipends: in the past, we have offered a flat rate stipend to all residency participants. As an organization which strives to reach artists and writers across a broad spectrum of economic statuses and needs, we’ve found that this system often represented a financial contribution that was insufficient for some individuals, and an incidental bonus for others. This year, Saltonstall will offer all residents a base stipend of $100 per week in residence. In addition, we will provide support up to $1000 for artists and writers in residence based on financial need. Need will be determined based on the median income for the county in which the artist or writer resides, with priority given to those below the median.

We are proud to continue our efforts to provide the most accessible residency experience possible, while continuing to offer the unique and powerful opportunity the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts has provided since 1995. Read more about Saltonstall’s residency program, application guidelines, and residency FAQs here:

Application Instructions

There is no application fee, and all applications can be submitted online via Submittable. The application deadline is 11:59pm Sunday, January 15, 2023.

The application process is anonymous; applicants are not identified. Our juries in each category change every year and base their decisions on an applicant’s statement and work samples.

Questions? Call us at (607) 539-3146 or email at any time, and you will receive a prompt reply.