Program Advisor | Chinatown Literacy Project

Chinatown Youth Initiatives

New York, NY` 10013




Oct 06, 2020

The mission of Chinatown Youth Initiatives (CYI) is to empower New York City youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the needs of Chinatown, Asian Americans, and other underrepresented communities. By providing a safe and and supportive environment, CYI works to build a legacy of leaders who strengthen awareness of community issues through project initiatives. Chinatown Literacy Project (CLP) of CYI is a weekend adult ESL program that offers Chinese speaking English language learners individual, personalized instruction and an opportunity to practice conversation with youth volunteers free of charge to promote literacy in the Chinese community.

Job Title: Program Advisor
Reports To: Board of Directors
Term: October 2020 through April 2021 (approximately)
Location: Zoom

- Supervise four high school age staff
- Work may include providing suggestions to weekly workshops, troubleshooting recruitment or staffing challenges, and supporting staff on vision setting
- Support teaching staff (Teachers, Teaching assistants) with lesson planning and implementing ESL classes on a remote platform
- Share periodic updates with CYI Board of Directors, a group of working professionals, to secure budget approval, coordinate press conferences, receive financial reimbursements, and approve annual CLP board report

Job Title: Intermediate ESL Teacher
Reports To: Board of Directors
Term: October 2020 through April 2021 (approximately)
Location: Zoom

- Attend teacher training sessions and testing development sessions in late September and early October
- Prepare lessons for and teach English to fifteen to twenty-five adult students in a classroom session every week
- Plan and supervise creative activities between high school volunteers and ESL students
- Work closely with high school coordinators/staff to develop curriculum and build the program
- Participate in weekly debriefing sessions to discuss the progress of the adult students and to address the questions and concerns of the student volunteers
-Create and support a positive learning environment for adult English language learners

- Experience and/or desire to work with high school students
- Program planning, implementation, and evaluation skills
- Conflict mediation skills
- Experience and/or desire to work with adults (colleagues and clients)
- Ability to work well under pressure
- Responsive on phone/email
- Bilingual in English/Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) preferred
- High school degree

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