Call for Submissions

NYRCA Annual Project Solo Exhibition “Outside of Art · Storytelling” Call for Artwork


85-79 Road
New York, NY 10010


Jun 04, 2023


Apr 30, 2023

A story that belongs solely to you, who is the best teller?
Humans have always been attempting to break free from the constraints of time, stretch or squeeze, let life blossom in the gap of time. As we are walking through the pandemic, sighing about the changes in life it has brought us, we feel like that pandemics have never fully disappeared in human society. However, the phases of the pandemics have been influencing how people view and treat the world. When the pandemic is obvious, people tend to be vulnerable and sensitive, especially the artists. If life is a gift from a mysterious power, time would only be a phenomenon. Past, present, and future are not always aligned. Hence, time is not equal to every individual. In the creation of art, our time would have the power of elasticity.
When life is art, the way one lives their life becomes art itself, then every little thing in life becomes irreplaceable. Every little element in life becomes a component of your art. For instance, the things you have to do to make a living, emotional traumas every individual experiences, and all the accidents that we don’t expect to occur. For this reason,as long as the work is “true” and “sincere”, it will receive more emotional interactions and outreach from friends through our organization.

We will showcase the unique story, which is a solo exhibition, of one artist every episode.


We hope to receive documents that meet these requirements:

  1. Written descriptions of what you experience in life (2000 words or less).

  2. Things unrelated to art that you have to do (10 or fewer photos or video and Sound Files).

  3. Life resume and art resume(1000 words or less).

  4. 1 photo of the artist’s life.

All materials will be sent to:

Submission deadline: June 4th, 2023