Audition/Casting Call

Miss Saigon Casting Call

White Plains PAC

11 City Place
NY 10601


Feb 05, 2023


Jan 17, 2023

The White Plains Performing Arts Center is seeking both AEA & non-union performers for Miss Saigon . We are seeking a MULTI-ETHNIC cast with fantastic singing, acting and dancing abilities to play principal and supporting roles (breakdown below).

Please note there is NO housing for this production. The theater is located 35 min from NYC via train or car.


Miss Saigon is an epic, stunning adaptation of Puccini’s opera, Madame Butterfly, by the writers behind Les Miserables. Reframing Puccini’s story by setting it during the Vietnam War, Miss Saigon is a powerful and poignant tale of love in a war-torn country. In the dangerous days before Saigon’s fall in 1975, Chris (an American GI) and Kim (a destitute Vietnamese orphan working her first night as a prostitute) fall in love. When the city falls, the lovers are forced apart, and each must find their own way, alone. When, years later, Chris is able to return to Vietnam, he brings with him an American wife. Kim, who has waited for Chris, has raised their son, Tam, who is “bui-doi”– a term for a child conceived during the horrors of war. With so much devastation behind them, Kim and Chris must decide how to move forward. Miss Saigon is a tragedy of massive proportions: passionate, profound, and heart-wrenchingly honest. With a sung-through score and tour-de-force roles for actors, Miss Saigon is a theatrical experience that will stay with you for years to come.


1st Rehearsal: March 27 (rehearses in NYC, within 10am-6pm range) Actors are called only when needed.
Tech: April 8-13 in White Plains

Shows: April 14-16, 20-23, 27-30, May 3-7 (*3-4 performances/week)

Please bring any and all conflicts to the auditions and note that the rehearsal times may vary.
You must be available for all shows and tech week to audition. 


White Plains Performing Arts Center

11 City Place, 3rd Floor (City Center)

White Plains NY 10601

(35 min from NYC via train/car)


LORT-LOA Contract **Total of 3-4 performances/week
$510/week min for AEA actors + Pension/6 health weeks
Non-union: Fee Min. of $1,800 min+ (based on role) + EMC Points
Theatre anticipates having 4 total AEA contracts available for this production. Travel via MNR provided.


Christopher Scott

A young, American G.I. sergeant about to leave Saigon to return to America unexpectedly falls in love with Kim. He is married to Ellen and is a tormented soul. Exceptional singer with a “pop/contemporary” tone with classical ability if needed.
Gender: Male
Age: 20 to 30
Vocal range: C3-B4


A young and naive, but strong-willed Vietnamese girl who becomes Chris’ lover. She is an orphan and has been forced to work at a local club.
Gender: Female (AAPI)
Age: 18 to 25
Vocal range: E3-D5

The Engineer

The owner of the “Dreamland” club. He is half-Vietnamese and half-French. Sleazy and ruthless.
Gender: Male (AAPI)
Age: 35 to 50
Vocal range: Bb2-Ab4

John Thomas

Chris’ best friend and an American G.I. who later becomes an activist.
Gender: Male
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range: Ab2-B4

Gigi Van Tranh

A hardened, disillusioned Saigon stripper who was initially voted “Miss Saigon.” She dreams of a better life in America. Will double in the ensemble. Sings “Movie in my Mind”
Gender: Female (AAPI)
Age: 25 to 35


A Vietnamese military leader with the Communist government, Kim has been promised to him as his betrothed. An imposing figure who is aggressive, unpredictable, and intensely anti-American. Doubles in ensemble
Gender: Male (AAPI)
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range: Db3-Bb4

Ellen Scott

Chris’ sensible American wife, who struggles to connect with her husband and the truth.
Gender: Female
Age: 20 to 30
Vocal range:F3-E5


Kim and Chris’ Eurasian son. NON-SPEAKING ROLE. Looking to double cast Gender: Male (AAPI)
Age: To play 4 to 6

Ensemble (20’s-30’s)

Club Girls (All Women in the ensemble are AAPI)

Hustlers; Marines; Tourists; Soldiers; Vendors (males, any ethnicity)

All should be excellent singers and strong dancers/movers. Acro abilities are a plus but not required.