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Mediating Through Jewelry | NYCJW21

Nuo | Artists Living Room (Brooklyn&Guangzhou)

Apt 2R 143 Taaffe Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11205


Sep 15, 2021


Aug 16, 2021

Artists Living Room is thrilled to present the contemporary jewelry exhibition Mediating Through Jewelry as one of the art shows happening at New York Jewelry Week 2021!

Mediating Through Jewelry is a contemporary jewelry exhibition dedicates to the mediative power of jewelry and provides alternative perspectives against stereotypes regard Asians.

Artists Living Room would like to invite artists of Asian descent to join the exhibition and show art jewelry works that reflect your self-identities and inner feelings.

The exhibition emphasizes showing the uniqueness of each Asian participated artist. It’s natural to think that one person is different than another. However, there have been too many stereotypes projected to Asian communities. Mediating Through Jewelry is an exhibition for us to have both of ourselves and artworks speak for ourselves, and contribute to breaking stereotypes against Asian communities.

Apply to be part of the exhibition and show your works to broad audiences during NYCJW!


Submit your application through the online form on Artists Living Room’s website. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to email.

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