Managing Editor

Center For Art Research and Alliances

New York City, NY 10011




Nov 11, 2022

The Managing Editor is responsible for contributing to the delivery of CARA’s curatorial vision and mission through publishing and related programming, in collaboration with CARA’s Curatorial team. The role manages, coordinates, edits and contributes to the creation and production of CARA publications as well as the editorial output generated by CARA.

CARA is seeking a Managing Editor with a transnational perspective to research, support, manage and deliver CARA’s print publishing program and online content, as well lead and maintain the style guide and editorial voice of the organization. The successful candidate will have exceptional production management skills, from acquisition to delivery and distribution.

You will research and propose publishing projects, and manage, organize and implement the editorial and print production calendar in collaboration with the Program Team. You have remarkable writing skills to support publications as well as CARA’s programs’ key messaging, newsletters, social media content and website copy about the organization. You are a driven, creative, engaged and fastidious person who takes initiative and wants to inspire people to engage with art, books and related practices. You will be expected to nurture relationships with artists, collaborators and stakeholders. You are interested in questioning epistemological/ontological paradigms and Western canons while bringing to CARA an understanding of the diversity of voices that comprise arts and culture. You are interested in producing cross-disciplinary contexts and blurring boundaries between disciplines.


The Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA) is an emergent arts nonprofit, research center, and publisher that aims to expand public discourses and historical records to reflect art’s abundant pasts, presents, and futures. CARA, located at 225 West 13th Street in New York City, was born over a five-year research period and developed in conversation with cultural workers aspiring to create just futures through the arts. CARA’s public opening builds upon a two-year publishing program with a schedule of initiatives including research fellowships, exhibitions, and public programs that seek to challenge dominant narratives and reflect the abundance of arts and culture.


Extensive experience working in art book publishing, independently or within an institution, for a minimum of 5 years.
An extensive publication record within the art field.
A passion for and expertise in art book publishing.
Experience in managing relationships with multiple stakeholders (artists, designers, writers, editors, etc.) with efficiency and care.
Adept at project management, setting priorities, and time management.
Excellent knowledge of and network of international contemporary art and book publishing.
Adept English writing skills, with well-established practice of editing, with ease for different purposes and readers in higher education, marketing, and development.
Successful track record of conceptualizing organizational goals and developing strategies to achieve them.
Self-motivated and focused, with the ability to work independently and collaboratively.
Experience working in cultural non-profit organizations.
Technically proficient with Google platforms, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Asana. Desire to have knowledge of Airtable, and other industry-standard software; and fluent with website CMS and social-media platforms.




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