Laundromat Project Create Change Fellowship

Laundromat Project

Brooklyn, NY 11247


Aug 01, 2021


Jul 15, 2021
The Laundromat Project invites all NYC-based artists, activists, neighbors, designers, organizers, healers, storytellers, and cultural producers to apply for the 2022 Create Change program as we explore social practices through a community engagement lens. The program will consist of a series of hybrid (virtual and in-person) convenings to engage The LP’s community-based art pedagogy and practices, which center collaborative, cooperative, and co-created art projects.


The Create Change program is comprised of three learning blocks:

Make Art:
What role does art, culture, and creativity play in making meaning, shifting narratives, and creating change in the world?

Participants examine a range of artworks across the fields of social practice and creative placemaking that align with The LP’s approaches to cultural asset mapping and leadership development.

Build Community:
How can art and cultural practices build trust and accountability with communities?

Participants will explore approaches to fostering attunement with community rhythms, building reciprocal partnerships, and the art of meeting people where they are.

Create Change:
Understanding the power that exists within ourselves and our communities, how do we creatively leverage power for equity and positive societal change?

Participants will explore personal and collective relationships to race, power, and privilege in order to facilitate social transformation through their art and cultural practices.

Applications are due on August 1. Please apply at https://www.laundromatproject.org/create-change/.