Call for Submissions

Forecast Open Call


Kiefholzstraße 2
Berlin, Germany 12435


Feb 26, 2023


Jan 23, 2023

As an international mentorship program with annual editions, Forecast offers artists and creative thinkers from anywhere in the world the chance to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition. For each edition, Forecast selects six mentors from various disciplines who offer participants their expertise in specifying and realizing their project ideas. Each edition of Forecast is different; the selected mentors impact the nature and content of every iteration.

Creative minds from anywhere in the world working in various disciplines are invited to submit project proposals via an open call. The selection process is two-tiered. First, the mentors select three nominated concepts each, which will be announced on May 9, 2023. The 18 nominees—three in each field—are invited to Berlin to discuss their ideas and present them at Radialsystem during the Forecast Forum taking place July 10–17, 2023. Following the Forum, each mentor will select one concept to accompany to its realization over the following months. The outcomes of these collaborations will then be presented at the Forecast Festival, taking place at Radialsystem, Berlin, March 15–16, 2024 (with set-ups starting from March 11, 2024.)