Executive Director

Mekong NYC

2471 University Avenue
Bronx, NY 10468




Feb 21, 2024

Full time / $100,000 annually / Mekong NYC / Bronx, NY

Mekong NYC is a social justice organization that brings dignity and value to the lives of Southeast Asians in the Bronx and throughout New York City. They do this through community organizing and movement-building, centering healing through arts and culture, and creating a strong safety net rooted in community power. Mekong NYC is committed to uplifting the voices of those in the community who are most impacted and marginalized, in order to build a multiracial social justice movement.

Summary of Position: the Executive Director has overall responsibility for upholding and advancing the organizational vision and leading Mekong NYC in fulfilling its mission of serving and empowering New York City’s Southeast Asian refugee community. These responsibilities include providing the strategic vision to guide Mekong NYC’s community organizing, arts and culture programming, and social services work. The Executive Director is also responsible for identifying and directing organizational program goals, and working with leadership staff to supervise staff to ensure that program goals are met. The Executive Director is additionally responsible for setting Mekong’s overall fundraising strategy, fiscal management strategy, and overseeing the organizational budget, in collaboration with the Deputy Director.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Leadership
    a. Set a vision and direction for Mekong NYC that is clear, inspiring, and serves and uplifts the Southeast Asian refugee community.
    b. Advance solidarity with other communities of color; and the leadership of women, youth, and queer persons
    c. Supervise leadership staff to ensure that program goals are met and work aligns with organizational vision of uplifting the Southeast Asian refugee community.
    d. Advance movement building by facilitating coalitions and other aligned organizations in establishing their leadership.
    e. Ensure Mekong staff and members represent the organization to the public and communicate the mission and programs publicly.
    f. Build and cultivate relationships and partnerships with allies who share Mekong’s values and further the organization’s mission.

  2. Organizational Programs
    a. Work with Leadership Staff for each programmatic area: Community Organizing & Campaigns; Arts & Culture; and Social Services & Advocacy, to set the programmatic vision and goals as well as ensure the programmatic goals are met.
    b. Work with Leadership Staff and Staff to make sure that all areas of organizational work are integrated and complement each other to ensure alignment with organizational vision.
    c. Work with all stakeholders to ensure annual evaluation of progress toward outcomes, objectives, and goals, as well as adjust work plans accordingly

  3. Staff Management
    a. Supervise Leadership Staff and provide support to Leadership Staff through annual performance reviews and ongoing and regular feedback.
    b. Ensure regular evaluation process of all staff accomplishments relevant to their work plans, course-correct to ensure progress toward goals, and put support plans in place for staff when necessary.
    c. Coordinate and implement staff development and education.
    d. Cultivate and work with staff to ensure a positive organizational culture.
    e. Work with the Board annually to assess staff salaries and benefits, and salary increases.
    f. Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws around workplace and employment laws and other relevant policies.

  4. Fundraising and Development
    a. Work with Development staff to establish and execute an effective fundraising strategy that supports Mekong’s programs and goals.
    b. Cultivate and maintain a positive and effective culture of fundraising throughout Mekong, including members and staff in the work of building relationships with foundations, individual donors, and government agencies.
    c. Work with Development staff to identify new funding opportunities and resources.
    d. Work with Communications staff to establish regular messaging (newsletters, social media, etc.) that reach individual and institutional donors.

  5. Financial Management
    a. Works with Deputy Director/Development Director to develop organizational and program budgets that ensure that the organization is financially healthy and able to meet program goals.
    b. Works with Deputy Director/Development Director to prepare and present timely and accurate financial reports for the Board.
    c. Ensures adequate monitoring and accounting of all funds, including maintaining sound financial practices.
    d. Establishes a collaborative financial management process that includes the staff and provides for staff input and feedback.

  6. Board of Directors
    a. Ensures that the Board is kept fully informed of the condition of Mekong and all factors affecting the organization.
    b. Works with the Board Chair to determine when it is appropriate to involve the Board in organizational decisions.
    c. Provides appropriate and timely information to the Board, including through Executive Director reports during each Board meeting.
    d. In collaboration with the board chair(s) determine board development goals and assess progress


Experience with or strong connections to movements led by-and-for Southeast Asian immigrant community
● Demonstrated commitment to gender, racial, and economic justice and dismantling all systems of oppression, particularly operationalizing social justice values into organizational processes
● 10+ years of experience as a senior leader in a nonprofit organization
● (Preferred) Experience with grassroots community organizing: campaign planning, base building, leadership development, organizing public actions, etc.
● Communication style that effectively builds trust among the staff and leadership of Mekong as well as with partner organizations
● Experience managing collaborative teams with shared leadership to achieve visionary outcomes that respect staff wisdom and expertise
● A leadership style that is emotionally intelligent, transparent, self-reflective, and comfortable working through moments of conflict and ambiguity

Application Instructions

Please email your resume and cover letter to the Hiring committee at the following email: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.