Call for Submissions

Engaging Artists Commission

Asian American Arts Alliance (A4)



Dec 01, 2022


Nov 21, 2022

More Art’s Engaging Artists Commission is an opportunity for early career artists focused on the incubation and commissioning of a public art project and carries an $8000 award to realize the project, plus curatorial, conceptual, budgetary, and logistical mentorship.
The Commission is part of More Art’s Engaging Artists program which provides infrastructure and laboratory for artists to gain a deeper understanding of the history and vitality of public and socially engaged art.

Please note: The Engaging Artists Commission was formerly known as the Engaging Artists Residency.

$8000 will be awarded to one socially-engaged art project to take place in a public space in New York City. The selected project must culminate in a public art installation, event, series, collaboration, or engagement between September and December 2023.

In addition, More Art collaborates with the selected artist or collective to facilitate community engagement, strategic project management, budgeting, curatorial vision, modes of presentation and circulation, PR and press outreach, identification and vetting of sites within the Parks system, application for permits, and the curation of final installations, performances, and educational programs. The selected artist will be working directly with More Art staff including the Chief Curator, Associate Curator, Director of Operations and Strategy, and the Communications and Programs Assistant, as well as representatives from the public spaces with whom we collaborate.

Artists are also invited to participate in workshops, artist talks, and peer network support with the EA Fellows. Click this link for more information on the Fellowship program.

We welcome artists who are looking to develop a new project or build on a current project in its early stages. The Commission is an opportunity for artists to collaborate deeply with More Art on all aspects of the artwork—as such, we are seeking projects that would benefit from mentorship and artists who are flexible to change and exchange. We are unlikely to support projects that have been presented elsewhere.