Director of Community Building


New York City, NY




Sep 29, 2021

POSITION TYPE: Freelance / Consultant (20-25 hrs/wk), 3-month minimum

COMPENSATION: $25-30/hr, depending on experience; Independent Contractor, not eligible for healthcare benefits

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Director of Community Building is responsible for engaging community partners and coalition building across regions and industries. This work includes distributing and editing external materials that amplify Muslim stories and narratives, maintaining relationships with media organizations, and implementing changes to MIPSTERZ sales and marketing processes.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: ALHAMDU (short for al-hamdu li-llāh الحمد لله)
 is an evolving experiential art exhibition and archive created by MIPSTERZ that explores Muslim Futurism—a cultural and artistic imagining of a Muslim future free from the oppression of today, set in a utopic tomorrow of our collective creation. The project will take shape as an immersive art installation, public programming, and academic study. Learn more at

MIPSTERZ is an arts and culture collective for emerging Muslim creatives. We enable and amplify Muslim creative voices by presenting and producing original works for general audiences.
Learn more at

Community Building & Communications
• Maintain and build new relationships with Muslim + Muslim-adjacent + ally organizations, media outlets, initiatives, and individuals in the public sphere
• Communicate with external organizations on behalf of the MIPSTERZ collective
• Distribute and edit communications materials to external organizations
• Materials include photographs, links, press kits, story pitches, meeting schedules, social media content, website content, and email content
• Analyze and advise on newsletter and social media engagement


• Passion for lifting up independent artists and using communications as a storytelling and empowering tool for historically oppressed groups and cultures
• Ability to work independently/stay organized, as well as co-create as part of a larger team
• Experience in an arts organization or cultural institution approaching topics such as identity, race, religion, gender, and social justice in a digital setting
• Ability to communicate with external audiences in a way that advances the mission of MIPSTERZ, as well as in a competent and professional manner (i.e. proofread all communications and keep consistent style)