Call for Submissions

Digital Art Call for Entries Public Art CA

Dyson & Womack

Sacramento, CA 95814


May 14, 2021


Apr 08, 2021

Digital media artists, Dyson & Womack are accepting submissions for the Public Art CA digital media call for entries. Public Art CA is a contemporary art collection commissioned for the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) and the California Health and Human Services (CHHS) new buildings in downtown Sacramento. 

The call centers digital artworks on a 32.5ft high 24ft wide digital display within the CNRA building. This opportunity embraces a contemporary and accessible concept of what public art is, who makes it, and for whom it is for. We seek to commission artists and artworks that consider experimentation, innovation, and inclusion as central components of creation.

Submit your ideas for new or existing digital artworks to join our latest public art collection for the State of California. Have a question or just want to learn more? Join one of our upcoming online artist information sessions for more info on how to apply. Artists working across all forms of digital media are welcome to apply. 

Deadline to submit proposals is May 14th, 2021 at 11:59PM (PST).


Proposals may be submitted in a range of formats but must include the following materials and must be submitted digitally. We cannot accept USBs, drives, CD’s or files of any type outside the online submission platform.

• A written proposal outlining the concept for the proposed artwork, the method by which the artwork was or will be created, the medium or mediums utilized, and a general overview of your interest in this commission. All proposals must refer to the Media Wall Content Best Practices PDF and indicate how the proposed artwork meets or will meet the file requirements of the media wall. Maximum 2 pages text file format (PDF preferred).

• Photographs, stills, animations, film or video clips, and other forms of accepted visual representations that best articulate your proposed artwork. Please refer to the next section for accepted file types and sizes. Maximum of 3 files of any acceptable file format.

• A proposed Artwork Budget that includes 1) the Artist or Artist Team fees or existing artwork purchase price and 2) the Artist or Artist Teams and production budget if required. Proposals of existing artwork would only include the Artist or Artist Team fees and or the artwork purchase price. The total budget available for the
commissioning of media wall artworks is $145,000 across a likely selection of between 10 to 15 artworks. Maximum 1 page text file format (PDF preferred).

• Proposals for new artwork should include a Production Timeline that aligns with the artwork completion timeline of August, 2021. Maximum 1 page text file format (PDF preferred).

• A portfolio of prior artworks should be shared via the Artist or Artist Teams website(s) or a digital sharing site such as Vimeo. While a portfolio link is preferred, if this is not available, a maximum of 5 files may be uploaded directly within the submission platform. Please refer to the following section for accepted file types and sizes.