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Cultivate Your Mother Tongue

The East Never Dies

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Apr 04, 2020

In this era of the pandemic, there has been a lot of blame on Asians around the world. In spite of all the negativity in the media, internet and real life, we as Asians have come strong and stick together. It is now more important than ever to embrace our cultures and stand strong as the human race.

A few of the rappers (Yang BoYi 楊伯翊, RachaSea ราชาสีห์, Kaido かいどう) have come together to spit in their native tongues to show the world how beautiful and powerful our native languages can be (so far the languages are in Chinese, Thai, Japanese). For anyone who wants to cultivate their roots, and for anyone who isn’t afraid to show your true self, we invite you to join us on this track in your native tongue as we unite and fight this pandemic.


Anyone who can spit in their native tongue can qualify. We want to embrace our native languages and culture.



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