Audition/Casting Call

Casting for Korean American Leads in Senior Thesis Film

Joshua Han

New York City, NY 10001




Oct 12, 2021

This is a senior thesis film at Temple University and will be shot in the Philadelphia area. We will compensate actors and will provide travel reimbursement/meals.

Synopsis: Luke Kim is a young Korean American drug dealer who needs to pay back a large sum of money to some violent people under a strict deadline… or so it seems. He and his friends decide on robbing an offering from a rival drug dealer who attends the same church where his estranged father ministers. As the plan commences, Luke attempts to balance his desire to attain the money, keep his friendships, and the need for his father’s love/acceptance. This becomes more difficult when the plan goes awry and Luke is forced to choose which direction he wants his life headed.


Luke Kim: Note: This role requires that you be bilingual in both Korean and English.

early 20s; a somewhat built, young Korean American man. Thrill seeker mixed with an addictive personality. Luke has been on his own for a while ever since he ran away from home; an extremely Christian household in which lofty expectations were imposed on him. Living independently as a young kid in a crime ridden area, he turned to dealing drugs which he eventually got good at. Even with this income, he hasn’t forgotten when he had nothing; he’s constantly looking for different ways to make money which certainly helps supplement his hedonistic lifestyle. He had to build a tough exterior in order to protect himself but deep down in his core, he is extremely sensitive and hurt.


An older (50-70), short Korean American man although the “American” in the title is a bit misleading. He immigrated to the States as a relatively young man but hasn’t really bothered to work on his English skills out of stubbornness. In Korea, he was an army chaplain and has maintained this rigid religiosity ever since. Being an immigrant, he’s had to go above and beyond to reach a normal standard of living; a sentiment he’s imposed on his sons. He’s been trying to mold his sons into his perception of who they should be ever since they were young children. Much like many Korean fathers, he’s not much for outward physical or verbal affection which he secretly views as a sign of weakness.