Audition/Casting Call

Casting Call for Indonesian Short Film

Nick Hartanto


Feb 11, 2023


Jan 25, 2023

A Brooklyn based Indonesian-American Filmmaker, Nick Hartanto, is looking for three roles (Bastian, Liana, and Heruawan) for a short film called “DALY CITY”.

“Daly City” is an autobiographical story that examines themes of exoticism, assimilation and the model minority myth, through a clever and playful tale about an Indonesian boy and his mother who pretend that Chinese takeout is actually a traditional family dish at a potluck in order to impress the largely white church community. The boy’s mother teaches him how to “play the game” - how to maneuver, perform and captivate in order to gain acceptance. But later that night, after witnessing his father getting ridiculed and bullied by his co-workers, the boy learns that this behavior can come at a cost; you can end up losing your culture, your sense of worth and even your very name.

Short Film (SAG / Non-Union)
Shooting Dates: Late March 2023
Location: Bay Area, CA


The audition for Lead Roles is open for all Indonesians and Indonesian Diaspora, open to non-actor and no experience is required!

Please indicate if you speak Bahasa Indonesia (not required).