Audition/Casting Call

Casting Call: Actors for Art Performance by Xavier Cha

Xavier Cha / Miriam Gallery

319 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211


May 19, 2023


May 09, 2023

Xavier Cha is restaging a performance they did in 2011 at the De la Cruz Collection at Miriam Gallery on June 1 and June 28. Curated by Nicole Kaack.

CALLING ALL ACTORS to audition for 2 roles described below. auditions will be no longer than 15 minutes each and will be open to the public. during the auditions- to be held june 1 and june 28- actors will perform a 1 minute screen test, to be incorporated into a video installation on view at from june 8- july 29

Audition 1:
the camera is shooting over your shoulder as you stare at your reflection in the mirror, moving through expressions of inquiry, doubt, and searching, ending with a look of dejection. you make an attempt to pull yourself together, mustering a sense of composure and donning a mask of confidence

Audition 2:
still shot in which you look up to meet the gaze of another person offscreen. you read and understand their expression and silently respond with a look of hollow but reserved disappointment

to apply please submit your CV, headshot, and optional reel to with subject line “xavier cha, Audition: [FULL NAME]”
**application deadlines: **for role 1 may 19; for role 2 june 16