Call for Submissions

Call for Proposals: Culinary Arts or Digital Media Programs for High Schoolers

The Hollyhock Foundation

888 7th Avenue, 28th Floor
New York, NY 10106


Jun 01, 2023


Apr 04, 2023

The Hollyhock Foundation supports high school students to identify and explore their interests as they imagine their future after graduation.

Culinary arts and digital media are two areas that are especially popular with young people. Students with interest in these topics deserve to develop their skills, learn from experts, meet peers who share their interests, and connect to relevant college and career opportunities.

High-quality space and equipment are essential for creating these kinds of authentic and inspiring learning experiences.

To this end, the foundation is requesting proposals from organizations and entrepreneurs interested in equipping and operating a new space to provide culinary arts or digital media programs for high schoolers in NYC.

Existing nonprofit organizations, as well as entrepreneurs who aspire to create new nonprofits, are welcome to apply.

The goal of the proposal process is to understand your vision for providing a high-quality culinary arts or digital media program for teens. We encourage you to dream big!

We also encourage you to think broadly and creatively about space, whether it’s a new space or an under-utilized, existing facility, like a professional kitchen. You do not need to identify a specific location.

The foundation will review all proposals and then invite select organizations and entrepreneurs to submit a full grant application. The full grant application will include sharing additional information, meeting with foundation staff, and organizing site visits (if applicable). Please note that being invited to submit a full grant application is not a guarantee of grant funding—it is an opportunity for the foundation to learn more about your plans before making a funding decision.

Organizations and entrepreneurs with feasible plans to provide excellent teen programs may receive grant funding to deliver their program—including funding for staff, equipment, space rental, and capital expenses—for approximately three years, with the potential for additional years of funding.

The foundation is open to supporting more than one project depending on the number and scope of proposals received. Grant amounts will vary depending on each organization or entrepreneur’s capacity and programming needs.

The deadline for proposals is June 1, 2023, at 5pm EST. Please submit proposals using the form linked at the bottom of this page, which asks for a brief overview of your vision, including programming, target population, space and equipment, and budget.

April 3, 2023: Request for proposals is released.

June 1, 2023: Proposals are due by 5:00 PM ET.

July 17, 2023: Target date to notify organizations and entrepreneurs if their proposal has been selected to be developed into a full grant application.

The foundation will acknowledge and provide definitive answers on the outcome of all proposals, but staffing limitations prevent us from offering feedback on proposals that are not selected for further consideration.

July 17 - September 30, 2023: Organizations and entrepreneurs whose proposals have been selected will compile their full grant applications to submit to the foundation.

Fall 2023: Organizations and entrepreneurs who submit full grant applications will be notified of grant funding decisions. Those awarded grant funding will collaborate with the foundation with the goal of launching student programming in 2024. Exact timelines will depend on project scope. The foundation will consider providing funding for both planning and implementation of the program.


To be considered for a grant, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an existing 501©(3) organization or an entrepreneur who aspires to create a new 501©(3) organization.
  • Plan to provide culinary arts or digital media programming within New York City.
  • Plan to serve high school students, with a focus on students from underserved communities.

Application Instructions

Click here to submit a proposal.