Call for Submissions

Call for Artists, Visionary Art Collective

Visionary Art Collective

New York, NY 11201


Aug 01, 2020


Jul 20, 2020

We are currently accepting submissions for our online exhibit, “Here, There & Elsewhere: Exploring the Idea of Place.”

Our Guest Curator is Svitlana Martynjuk, founder of All She Makes!

“Here, There & Elsewhere” is an exhibit centered around work that explores the concept of place. A place may be a physical setting or a mental and emotional space within us. We are seeking work that explores the moods and emotions of places, whether they be internal or external. Artists who portray natural or manmade landscapes, architecture, figures interacting with their environment, intimate spaces, or work that challenges the very notion of what a place can be. Representational and abstract interpretations will be included. We encourage artists who work in diverse mediums and styles to apply.

We accept the following mediums: Painting, drawing, mixed-media, printmaking, collage, sculpture, photography, digital art

To submit your work, visit the link below.



Please be sure to include high-quality images of your work, 72 DPI, minimum 800 pixels wide

All images must be cropped to show only the artwork

Bio, 300 words max

Artist Statement, 300 words max

Files no larger than 10MG