Call for Submissions


Syeda Tabassum

New York City, NY 11373




Apr 03, 2024

In the face of adversity, growing misinformation, and cultural genocide, artists become active participants, using their works as a medium for ideas and culture as a weapon against oppression. Tapestry is a gallery focused on exploring how women and gender-expansive individuals across cultures utilize textiles, embroidery, and clothing to convey resistance movements and preserve untold histories.

As a global community, they stand in solidarity with people of all lands that have faced historical occupation and attempts of erasure by colonial and imperial powers. In the current context, they mobilize their efforts with the people of Palestine, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as they forge a new chapter towards freedom.


Submissions are open to all but will spotlight original works from artists who identify as people of color, female/non-binary, ages 15-35.

Application Instructions

Submit here: or follow link in bio on Instagram

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