Call for Submissions

Barrier Beautification

NYC Department of Transportation

55 Water Street, 9th Fl.
New York, NY 10041


Feb 13, 2022


Jan 14, 2022

NYC DOT invites artists and/or designers (the “Artists”) to envision the surface of concrete barriers as canvases for art.
All interested Artists are eligible to submit designs and supporting materials to this request for proposals. NYC DOT
will partner with selected Artists to paint designated barrier sites throughout New York City. Artwork designs may be
implemented between spring and fall 2022.

The selected Artist(s) shall be responsible for accomplishing the following tasks:
• Complete one (1) final design;
• Perform a minimum of one (1) site visit prior to installation;
• Submit implementation plan, production schedule and material list for review by NYC DOT;
• Work with NYC DOT staff to develop adequate safety set-up during all phases of implementation;
• Prime barriers with exterior grade paint;
• Produce stencils or develop other technique to translate the design onto barriers; and
• Paint the design onto the barriers with approved exterior grade material and if needed, oversee team of volunteers
or assistants.

DOT Art will provide selected Artists with up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000) towards direct project costs associated
with designing and installing the Artwork including but not limited to all labor, materials and equipment. In addition,
equipment rental, fabrication preparations, etc. must be included as part of the overall budget. All selected Artists are
entitled to an Artist Fee not to exceed twenty percent (20%) of the total budget, but may also be entitled to an hourly
labor fee not to exceed an additional ten percent (10%) of that total budget. All Artists will be required to enter into
a legal agreement with DOT, and in order to receive payment, will be required to submit a W9 form, Doing Business
Form, Quote Form and invoices to receive payment. The legal agreement must be signed in advance of receiving any
payments. Selected Artists shall agree to extend to DOT the right to a royalty-free, perpetual license to use any depiction
of the Artwork for noncommercial purposes.


Interested Artists are invited to submit a single application, and Artists are only eligible to receive one commission per
Fiscal Year. Submissions should consist of the following materials either by e-mail as PDF files or by mail as printouts
with an accompanying USB drive:
• Barrier Beautification Application Form;
• One (1) conceptual design (Conceptual Design Format);
• No more than four (4) images of past artwork in jpeg format (resolution of 72 to 150 dpi) and associated image list
that includes: title, date of completion, medium, dimensions, location, sale price or commission budget, description
of artwork, and list of partners; and
• Artist curriculum vitae