Arts Director

Penumbra Theatre

St. Paul, MN 55102




Nov 24, 2021

Who is Penumbra?
Founded in 1976 by award-winning director Lou Bellamy, Penumbra is a nationally recognized organization housing Minnesota’s only Black professional theatre company. Penumbra has earned tremendous accolades, producing nearly 200 plays, over 30 premieres, and has cultivated generations of artists of color. Through our powerful art, we open hearts, rehearse strategies for change, and dispel dehumanizing narratives of people of color.

What will you do?
Penumbra seeks a visionary, institutionally-minded leader who is dedicated to the health and vitality of Black legacy institutions and whose ethos, aesthetic, and body of creative work expresses a clear commitment to Black theatre and its inherent values. The Arts Director (AD) is responsible for designing and implementing an artistic vision for Penumbra that builds upon the organization’s powerful legacy and lights the way for its bright future. Charged with integrating the arts throughout the organization, the AD will design artistic engagements for the stage and beyond; this includes galleries within our space, and arts-based curricula to train and support creative resiliency for users.

Salary: $80 - $100K/year. Full-time, exempt. 

Benefits package:
Penumbra offers PTO, Holiday Pay, Medical, Dental, and an Employee Assistance Program.

Start Date- February 2022

How do I apply?
Visit to submit your application.


Who are we looking for?
The AD must be able and willing to:

  • Support the cultivation of an inclusive, equitable, and liberatory environment.
  • Serve as a skilled and discerning negotiator.
  • Recognize how her/their/his identity impacts her/their/his work.
  • Commit to leading with humility, compassion, rigor, integrity and discretion.
  • Communicate authentically and transparently.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and partners; nurture direct reports and support supervisors.
  • Be institutionally minded; preserve the legacy and advance the vitality of Penumbra.
  • Be adaptive through change and iterative processes of discovery.





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