Audition/Casting Call

Are the Oranges Sweet? | Short Film Casting Call

Bethany Yeap

298 Manhattan Avenue, Apt #1
NY 11211




Mar 20, 2021

Short Film: 橘子甜不甜? [ Are the Oranges Sweet?]
Director/ Writer: Bethany Yeap
Producer: joyce keokham
Shoot Details: Shooting in Late May TBD in NYC

Description: “Are the Oranges Sweet?” is an intergenerational portrait of love in remembering and keeping.

[ CASTING FOR] Kaylee Tan
First-generation Chinese* American, Late 20s- early 30s, fluent in Mandarin (Lead, Paid)

Young, single mom. Sentimental Hoarder. Emotionally reserved, first-generation American growing more like her late mom the older she gets.

*Preference for Malaysian Chinese or Chinese diaspora in SE Asian countries, Taiwan, or Hong Kong

[ CASTING FOR] Jordan Tan
Chinese American, 7-10 years old (Lead, Paid)

Kaylee’s daughter– stubborn, spirited, and intuitive with an impressive sticker collection and a special love for ketchup.


We are open to union/ non-union, actors/ non-actors, and are interested in seeing real-life mothers/daughters.

Kaylee Tan’s character must be fluent in Mandarin and English.