Audition/Casting Call


Steven Drachman / Chickadee Prince Books




Jan 21, 2022

Our podcast, The Strange and Astounding Memoirs of Watt O'Hugh the Third, is a historical fantasy story set in the 19th century in China, New York City and the Old West. Two pilot episodes have already been released, and they have done well enough that we are now doing a full season.

We are seeking one actress of Chinese national origin to play two roles:

  • Madame Tang: Tough Chinese woman with a Kaifeng dialect accent, never smiles, never laughs, ethical and moral, speaks in an accusatory fashion, but a sympathetic and heroic character. Nondescript age. Minimal Chinese speaking needed for this role. Madame Tang appears in several episodes, and if the series is renewed, she will play a growing role in later seasons

  • Empress Dowager: In history, she was just 40 years old at this time, but she should be played with the force of a 60-year-old woman; ferocious and authoritarian, but with a bit of softness and compassion. She is a small but memorable part in one episode this season.

This is a paid job; we expect will involve around half a day of work and will pay $100. You will record it yourself, preferably using your own equipment, if you can. (If this isn’t possible, let us know and we can work something out.)