Audition/Casting Call


Jun Kuromiya

New York, NY 10033


Jun 15, 2021


Jun 04, 2021

This is a casting call for the lead role of a Buddhist priest in a film. The film is a loose adaptation of the Japanese Noh play Kurozuka, which is about a Buddhist priest who is on a religious pilgrimage. The priest stops at a small hut for the night where a woman is living alone. However, it turns out the woman is a demon with a history of murdering her male visitors.

- This is a PAID role (~$125/day)
- The shoot will last for approximately 4 days
- Filming will take place outside of Boston, MA
- Dates of shoot will be late July (to be determined)


  • Asian / Asian-American
  • Age 24-40
  • Male

Please reply by email if you are interested in applying. Please provide a screener or acting reel along with your resume.