2024 International Koi Artist Award

Blue Koi Gallery



May 31, 2024


Apr 22, 2023
The Koi Artist Award is our way of extending a hand to emerging and established artists. This award is open worldwide to artists 18 years and above. Accepting entries of all mediums, styles, and genres, up to 8 pieces of work are required. The KAA is Open theme (Artist’s Choice) giving the creators artistic freedom for self-expression. We believe in the power of artistic freedom, which is why we’re excited to see what you’ll share/create given full creative reign.
The Winner of the Koi Artist Award will receive a $500 cash prize, a Solo Exhibition, and a dedicated artist profile, ensuring that their talents are recognized and celebrated. $35 for up to 8 artworks.
Entries must be submitted by May 31, 2024


Applicants must be 18 years of age.