2023 Dieu Donné Workspace Residency Program

Dieu Donne

Brooklyn, NY 11205


Jul 01, 2022


May 11, 2022

Deadline: July 1, 2022
Fee (USD): $15.00

With a focus on experimentation and collaboration, Dieu Donné’s Workspace Program provides emerging New York State based visual artists with the opportunity to explore paper pulp as an artistic medium. The program encourages emerging visual artists to explore the creative possibilities inherent in the hand paper-making process, and to develop this medium as a contemporary art form.

The Dieu Donné Workspace Program residency includes an introduction to the medium and process, 5 days in the studio with a dedicated collaborator, and a $500 stipend. The residency concludes with a group presentation. The Workspace Program is open to emerging visual artists who live and work in New York State. Artists from all disciplinary and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Applications will not be accepted from students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs during the program year. Applicants must be New York State residents and must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. No prior paper-making experience is required. Applications are only accepted via our online application; please do not mail or e-mail application materials.

Artists apply for the Workspace Program residency through this application form, due July 1, 2022 which requires answering a few short questions, providing a current resume, and uploading up to 8 images. A changing panel of curators, critics, and art professionals select finalists based on the quality of the work samples.

  • Application Fee will become $20 on June 2, 2022

Application Instructions

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  • Media (up to 8)