2021 Spring Longwood Art Gallery: Call for Teaching Artists

Bronx Council on the Arts

Bronx, NY 10461


Feb 28, 2021


Feb 11, 2021

As part of the Longwood Art Project’s Youth Engagement Program, BCA is seeking proposals from Bronx-based teaching artists in all fields and disciplines to create a virtual workshop for local youth ages 12-24, to take place over Zoom. Student groups will come from high schools, after school programs, community centers, and colleges in the neighborhoods surrounding the gallery with a max of 30 students per session.

Teaching artists are encouraged to create interactive workshops reflecting and enhancing student’s engagement with the current exhibition and related social justice concerns relevant to students. Descriptions of the Spring/Summer 2021 exhibitions are provided for your reference, as well as guidelines and goals for the programs, which can be used to inform your application.

You may apply more than once with an individual proposal for each workshop you would like to teach. Teaching artists will be offered a stipend of $125 for each 2-hour workshop. Date of workshops will be scheduled according to availability of the artist.

Goals and Guidelines:
* Provide youth with opportunities and skills to interpret and vocalize opinions on artwork in a setting that is informative about the historical contexts in which work is made.
* During art-making workshops, set aside time for students to present and discuss the process, influences, and ideas that went into creating their work.
* Building an awareness of the use of artwork as a platform and tool to bring visibility to personal and social justice concerns youth may wish to express.
* Focus on creating familiarity with gallery spaces, and inform students on local arts resources.
* Expose local students to entrepreneurial art practices and alternatives on how to monetize their art work.

Dates and Timeline:
The workshops will be scheduled throughout the run of the Spring/Summer 2021 exhibitions. Workshops will be scheduled according to availability of the artist and interested youth. Each accepted workshop will take place once.

Workshops will take place over the Bronx Council on the Arts’ Zoom platform.
Please contact with any questions regarding the application.


Have a current Bronx street address.
Have experience teaching students ages 12 - 24.