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Apr 15, 2021


Mar 27, 2021

Do you have the desire to uncover your authentic self?

Have a creative calling but feeling conflicted by where you’re currently at in life or family pressures?

Do you long to make something of yourself in this lifetime?

Crave a life where you can truly courageously make decisions for yourself while loving your family?

Are you ready to do the work to live your truth and find your creative calling?

As a 1st gen immigrant, I struggled with my family’s high expectations and basing decisions off of trying to gain their approval only to realize… I didn’t know who I was.

Until I embarked on this crazy whirlwind of a healing journey. And now? ⠀

Now, I dream of being there for the beautiful 1st and 2nd gen creative womxn who feel stuck at where they’re currently at yet feel this fiery passion to make an impact in the world; ⠀

The courageous womxn who desire to live a life where she/they can wholeheartedly make decisions based on their happiness yet still love their family. ⠀

I am here to support, love and show YOU ways to honor your true self, unlearn these generational beliefs, and finally pursue the creative career of your dreams. ⠀

In our 4 months together, we’ll go from — ⠀

⋒ Diving deep into the soul level to go back to the root of the problem ⠀
⋒ Embarking on this journey of inner child healing⠀
⋒ Reprogramming your mindset ⠀
⋒ Learning to love the parts of you that you had to hide⠀
⋒ Stepping into the role of YOU and setting loving, healthy boundaries⠀
⋒ Tapping into your creative, higher self⠀
⋒ Cultivating creative confidence ⠀
⋒ Steps towards a career that makes YOU happy. ⠀
⋒ Build the frameworks and foundation of your dream creative career.

And so much more. ⠀

Spots are LIMITED, and I’m looking to work with 4 lovely souls for the next 4 months and commit to this transformational journey!! (And there’s 3 spots left!)

I work with a limited amount of clients, to ensure I’m giving you the BEST use of time, commitment on my end and 100% support throughout.


Already have a business endeavor, but looking for clarity and tapping into your higher self by looking into your inner child? I have one other 1:1 Coaching program, lasting 3 months for you!

Interested in learning more? Go on over to @tadhana.creative and send me a DM, where we can chat about a coaching program that’s more suitable to your desires on a Mindset Discovery Call.

Are you ready to choose yourself?💛



• 1st - 3rd Generation Daughter of Immigrants
• Creative AAPI womxn