Lo Hei Celebration

Join us in celebrating the Year of the Dragon! This year, our annual Lo Hei event will take place at House of Joy on Monday, February 12 from 6:30-9pm. The evening will include an interactive Lo Hei ritual, dinner, drinks, and a raffle.

Lo Hei (or Yusheng), also known as a Prosperity Toss, is a Cantonese-style raw fish salad popularized in Singapore and Malaysia. For this communal ritual, each Lo Hei ingredient is introduced with a saying symbolizing a wish for the new year, culminating in all participants shouting wishes and tossing the ingredients with chopsticks—the higher your toss, the higher your fortune’s growth.

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Limited-Edition LNY Apparel

A4 is proud to present the fourth limited-edition design in our annual Lunar New Year series. Created by Sarula Bao, this year’s image celebrates the Year of the Dragon, widely considered to be a powerful and lucky sign. Please consider purchasing to support A4 and our mission of ensuring greater representation, equity, and opportunities for AAPI artists.

Sarula Bao is an illustrator, zine maker, and community organizer. Bao explains her thinking behind the dragon:

For this design I was inspired by Chinese knots, in particular, the Pan Chang or Endless knot, which is very commonly seen and associated with good fortune. I also love to play with shapes, so it felt like the perfect opportunity to have fun with the long, twisting form of the dragon, as well as echo the familiar imagery of the knot.

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Dragon Sponsor
Theresa Soriano & Grace Wang
Edward Lai & Joyce Yu
Michelle Pham & Akshay Kumar

Lantern Sponsor
Reena Jana & Geoffrey MacAdam
Joshua Cipkala-Gaffin


Dress Code
Festival casual attire. Gold and red are encouraged. Check out our Pinterest Board for some inspiration!

What time should I arrive?
We encourage you to arrive right at 6:30pm or at the latest, 6:45pm.

Any other questions?
Please email events@aaartsalliance.org.