Dabin Ryu Band (Young Korean Artists Series)

Saturday, March 30, 2024

The Young Korean Artists Series began as a continuous partnership between the Korean Cultural Center New York and CJ Cultural Foundation in 2022. The Series aims to discover and support a new generation of Korean artists across different artistic genres. Firmly believing that the growth of emerging artists is essential to contributing to the cultural landscape, the program will nurture Korean artists based in New York to pave their way to the international stage.

This year, the Series presents two musicians - DoYeon Kim (2016-2018 CJ Music Scholarship recipient), an experimentalist musician who blends Korean traditional string instrument Gayageum with Western musical instruments, and Dabin Ryu (2018-2020 CJ Music Scholarship recipient), a rising global star in the jazz world who recently won first prize in Jazz Piano at the 2024 UNISA International Music Competition. Their performances will mesmerize both the eyes and ears of the New York audience.

The Korean Cultural Center New York and CJ Cultural Foundation will continue to support various young, emerging artists in sharing their work at the newly opened Korean Cultural Center New York. Please join them in their ongoing efforts to empower artists in pursuing their dreams.

◆ Program

[Timeline - Pat Metheny]
[Fall Foliage - Dabin Ryu]
[Dienda - Kenny Kirkland]
[Vertigo - Dabin Ryu]
[Sad Song - Dabin Ryu]
[Earworm - Dabin Ryu]
[We Will Meet Again - Dabin Ryu]

◆Dabin Ryu Band

[Piano] Dabin Ryu
[Saxophone] Nathan See
[Bass] Benjamin Young
[Drums] Willis Edmundson

Dabin Ryu is an award-winning jazz pianist and composer based in New York City, originally hailing from Seoul, South Korea. She boasts an impressive educational background, having graduated from renowned institutions such as Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Music (BM) degree, followed by earning her Master of Music (MM) from the Manhattan School of Music. Currently, she continues her musical pursuits as a participant in the Artist Diploma program at the prestigious Juilliard School.

Throughout her illustrious career, Dabin has had the privilege of collaborating with world-renowned artists, including Ralph Peterson, Billy Harper, Jonathan Blake, Godwin Louis, Neal Smith, Rodney Jones, and Jaleel Shaw, among others. Her versatility and skill as a pianist have led her to lead her own band and contribute to various projects such as Ralph Peterson’s Next Gen Big Band, April Varner’s EP, The SNJO, and Happi Medium, to name a few. Recently, Dabin achieved recognition as the winner of the 15th UNISA International Piano Competition in 2024.

Notably, Dabin shines as both a bandleader and composer, showcasing her talents in guiding musical ensembles and crafting original compositions. Her leadership has been exemplified through tours, most notably with the Dabin Ryu Quintet during their successful 2019 tour in Seoul, South Korea. Dabin’s contributions to the jazz community and her dedication to her craft continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.