You'll Never Dance Alone

June 22 – June 30, 2024

“You’ll Never Dance Alone” follows the lives of twelve urban residents from diverse backgrounds who have never met each other and lead ordinary, everyday lives. One day, they each find their way to a Chinese dance class in Chinatown, each with different motivations. These weekly dance classes gradually bring about subtle changes in their lives. Initially, they attend merely to pass the time or for social reasons. However, over time, their ability to coordinate and unite improves, revealing the evolving and nuanced relationships among the group members.

This play not only delves into the challenges of teamwork and cooperation but also highlights the unifying power of dance. There are no dramatic life-and-death situations, nor are there any antagonists. Instead, the play captures relatable moments, voices, and fragments of life that every audience member can recognize and connect with.

Playwright / Director: Jackie Huang
Dance Choreographer: Margaret Yuen

Cast:Christine Kuang, Fanny Lawren, Grace Wong, Iris Ng, Jeff Lau, Joyce Kwong, Leo Chui, Tammy Ching, Vivian Li, Wendy Zhang, Wenting Chen, Amanda Hon, Angela Lai, Wing Shan Lo, Xiaopeng Wang, Yan Lee

Producer:Amanda Hon
Set Designer:Zita Cheng
Lighting Designer:David Lee
Sound Designer:Gary Lau
Graphic Designer:Johnny Ho
Costume Designer:Angela Lai
Props Master: Savanna Chau
Set Master: John Leung
Stage Manager:Suzie Chen
Assistant Producer:Olivia Tan

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